After just 5 years in Madeira – EU citizenship can be yours

Here at Emigre.eu, we have the expertise and local knowledge to guide you along the fastest, smoothest and most flexible pathway towards Madeira residency and EU citizenship.

Why Portuguese citizenship?

Portuguese citizenship will provide you with one of the world’s most powerful and flexible passports. It will enable visa-free travel to nearly 200 countries across the world. You’ll also enjoy EU Freedom of Movement. What does this mean? It means the right to live, study, work and retire in any of the 27 Schengen-zone countries.

Portuguese citizenship – 2 main pathways

1. Golden Visa

Do you have significant funds to invest? Then the Golden Visa could be your most favourable option. Investment opportunities include...

- venture capital funds
          - domestic property in Madeira or The Azores

After just five years, you’ll be eligible for Portuguese citizenship. This is faster than almost every other pathway in the EU.

Madeira is a fantastic place to live, but the beauty of becoming a legal tax resident is the flexibility. You don’t have to settle permanently. A minimum of 14 days per year in Portugal is all that’s needed.

2. D7 Visa
You can still move to Portugal, even if your main source of income is from outside the country. You do this by opting for the D7 pathway – often known as the ‘passive income’ visa.

The D7 Visa has the benefit of being flexible. It can apply to a variety of incomes – for example, a regular work salary or pensions.
Once you’ve acquired your D7 Visa, you may start your own business in the country, work for Portuguese companies and enjoy access to Portugal’s increasingly highly-rated state medical care.

Again, as with the Golden Visa option, following five years of residency, you’ll be able to apply for Portuguese citizenship.

Tax Planning in Portugal

Portugal is eager to attract foreigners. As such, it offers numerous favourable tax benefits. These are available through the Portugal NHR (Non-Habitual Resident) scheme.

Plan your finances carefully, and you’ll pay remarkably low taxes.

Are you a cryptocurrency investor? Then the news is good here too. Portugal’s capital gains tax on cryptocurrency income is currently set at zero.

Emigre.eu has the specialist on-the-spot experience and know-how to make your path toward residency in Madeira and Portuguese citizenship smooth and hassle-free. Get in touch today!

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