Property Experts Acting for
Buyers NOT Sellers

Taking advice from the seller’s representative may not be your best course of action

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Information about the Golden Visa will be updated soon due to new Portuguese government laws.

Are you looking to move to Madeira but not sure how to proceed?

Our clients are not your average house hunters. They appoint us as property specialists in the Madeiran market acting for the buyer. Our clients avoid costly mistakes by the elimination of risks.

Of course, you can check out Idealista, but some of the opportunities never see the websites.


By having a local specialist on your side shortlisting the properties, appointing trusted lawyers, tax specialists and surveyors.

By negotiating the price and the details of the dual language contract, setting up bank accounts and foreign exchange auditable transactions, reducing transaction charges and having someone on your side, guiding you at every step.

Holiday Home

Holiday Home

The Main reason for acquiring this is for enjoyment when on holiday from your main home.
Holiday Home


The objective is income and/or capital growth. It can be for short, medium or long term rental, or purchase and resale

Holiday Home

New Residence

This replaces your existing home and we need to consider the type of visa required and the tax consequences of the move.
Emigre Office Location

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