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Taking advice from the seller’s representative may not be your best course of action

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Information about the Golden Visa will be updated soon due to new Portuguese government laws.

Are you looking to move to Madeira but not sure how to proceed?

Our clients are not your average house hunters. They appoint us as property specialists in the Madeiran market acting for the buyer. Our clients avoid costly mistakes by the elimination of risks.

Of course, you can check out Idealista, but the majority of opportunities never see the websites.


How can help you

By having a local specialist on your side shortlisting the properties, appointing trusted lawyers, tax specialists and surveyors.

By negotiating the price and the details of the dual language contract, setting up bank accounts and foreign exchange auditable transactions, reducing transaction charges and having someone on your side, guiding you at every step.

Holiday Home

Holiday Home

The Main reason for acquiring this is for enjoyment when on holiday from your main home.
Holiday Home


The objective is income and or capital growth it might be part of a requirement to purchase property to support a Golden Visa Application so needs to coordinate with the Tax and Visa requirements.
Holiday Home

New Residence

This replaces your existing home and we need to consider the type of visa required and the tax consequences of the move.

John Mather

In 1973 John left the manufacturing research world of IBM laboratories for a career in wealth management. In March 2020 he and his wife, Martha retired to live in Funchal, Madeira.

Émigré.eu is part of the solution to the desire of many individuals and families to redomicile to enjoy life in one of the worlds healthiest environments.

John’s first project, selling life insurance, morphed into a six branch Estate agency business with 76 staff based in the South East of England and London. The Chelsea office was retained, and the remaining offices sold to the Prudential and other institutions in 1988.

That property theme has run throughout John’s career, during which he has achieved over 70 sale and leaseback contracts of commercial buildings, the financing of the West London and Glasgow sites of the BBC, and the underwriting of a new head office for ICI in Manchester Square, Marylebone.

Since coming to Madeira, John has advised or participated in the acquisition of a number of properties in Funchal, Prazeres, Porto Santo, Calheta and Câmara de Lobos. Some of these were mentioned in an article in the Sunday Times July 20th this year.

John Mather

Through John’s career he has worked on a project basis with a number of personal projects and JV partners to optimize the financial position of all the participants. He built a wealth management business to manage 119 clients and £600M of assets. John has extensive contacts in the financial services world and if required can make recommendations.

The purchase of property in a new country can be a stressful exercise. That’s where comes in. John’s service relocates clients smoothly and efficiently with an experienced specialist on hand through the entire process.

“Too often jurisdiction, taxation and general wellbeing is ignored in the training of the tick box advisers today”

John Mather

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