Madeira the perfect
Golden Visa destination

The Golden Visa is one of the most popular pathways to Portuguese residency and citizenship.

What is a Golden Visa?

The more ‘correct’ term is Residence by Investment. Put simply, the government of Portugal offers legal residency (and in several cases, fast-track citizenship) in exchange for making a significant investment in the country. Buying property is a legitimate way to make that investment.

2022 will see Portugal’s autonomous region of Madeira become Europe’s hottest Golden Visa destination. The time to act to acquire your Madeira Golden Visa is now.

Be first in the queue for your Golden Visa

What are the benefits of a Golden Visa in Madeira?

Portugal is already the best option for people looking to acquire (or regain!) EU citizenship. There are more benefits than simply offering you a flexible visa pathway. A Golden Visa can lead to dual citizenship, with easy language requirements and a citizenship timeline of just five years’ residency.

During those five years, there’s no need to physically move to Portugal (although, of course, you can if you want to!). You can carry on with life elsewhere while your investment works for you in Madeira on your behalf. Usually, all that’s needed to maintain your Portuguese residency all the way to citizenship is a short annual visit to Portugal (7 to 14 days).

More than property investment

Residency by investment in the EU goes beyond mere real estate. Depending on the country, a range of different residency by investment categories are available, from investment funds to entrepreneurship programs that create local jobs, to investing in arts or heritage projects.

Recent Golden Visa changes

Since the Golden Visa scheme started, Portugal’s major cities, Lisbon and Porto have been prime real estate investment destinations, along with the Algarve region. Foreign investors have snapped up properties in these areas, boosting Portugal’s economy while also causing dramatic price rises.

But now, the Portuguese government is about to shake things up. Its goal is to redirect foreign investment to under-served regions of the country. Lisbon, Porto, and some of the Algarve are no longer eligible for Golden Visa property investment.

Other changes are on their way, such as higher minimum thresholds for other types of investments, including funds.

The good news? Property in Madeira still provides a legitimate route to Golden Visa status.

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